Solar-powered vehicle tested in the Alps before desert race

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Nord-sponsored team concludes racing training

Solar-powered vehicle tested in the Alps before desert race
Solar-powered vehicle tested in the Alps before desert race

The Solar Energy Racers have successfully concluded their training for the World Solar Challenge in Australia before shipping their vehicle. The race across the continent will start on October 16 in Darwin. The team, which is sponsored by Nord Drivesystems, has developed and built its solar-powered single seater in Uzwil in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. Following a public presentation of the finished "SER1" in mid-August, the team conducted extensive tests of the light-weight, 150 kg racer and of additional technical equipment. In early September, processes under racing conditions were simulated on the runway of Mollis airfield in the neighboring canton Glarus, which is just under 2 km long. The vehicle was accelerated to maximum speeds of approx. 90 km/h. Moreover, the brake functions were tested thoroughly. The successful recording and telemetric transfer of various operating parameters was another key factor. The recorded data may be used to optimize the chassis and the weight distribution before the start of the race. Moreover, measuring instruments which will collect meteorological data on the roof of an escort vehicle during the weeklong race were tested in Mollis for the first time. The vehicle and large equipment parts were shipped to Darwin on September 7. 18 team members will arrive in Australia in mid-October

Posted on November 3, 2011 - (221 views)
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