Synchronous Servomotors

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With up to 200 W outputs

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Synchronous Servomotors
Synchronous Servomotors

Specially optimized for use with the company’s EL7201 servo terminal, the AM3100 series synchronous servomotors from Beckhoff come with outputs of up to 130 W. Suitable for direct connection to servomotors with up to 200 W outputs, the EL7201 servo terminal integrates a complete Servo Drive into a compact 12 mm EtherCAT Terminal. The combination of the servomotor and the servo terminal offers an inexpensive servo axis in the entry level performance range. Despite the small size, a holding brake can be optionally integrated. The pole-wound servomotors with maximum torque cover three types with rated outputs of 50 W at a rated voltage of 24 V DC as well as 90 and 130 W at 48 V DC. In the standard version, they are equipped with a resolver and a smooth shaft. Planetary gears and ready-made connecting cables are available as accessories. The high dynamics of the AM3100 servomotors open up a multitude of possible applications including those in industrial robots for pick-and-place or in general mechanical engineering, where a compact design and high positioning accuracy are necessary. The EL7201’s integrated fast EtherCAT control technology with field-oriented current and PI speed control supports highly dynamic positioning tasks. The motor, resolver and holding brake are connected directly to the servo terminal. Integration into the TwinCAT automation software enables the convenient parameterization of the servomotors and the servo terminal.

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Posted on April 18, 2011 - (2357 views)
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