T Form UMR Forming Machines

With sorter machining times

  • T Form UMR Forming Machines
    T Form UMR Forming Machines

The t form UMR is a series of revamped forming machines from Transfluid that delivers efficient process when forming tube end. Designed to ensure complex forming geometries, the machines can work with seamless tubes or tubes with welded seams and use two processes to form the tubes: rotation and rolling. For example, the rotation method allows adding various types of flaring at the end of the tube at an angle to the diameter between 37° and 90°.

Process carried out virtually independently

The user can preselect the flaring geometry on a fully electronic basis, as the stop position and all the strokes and machining processes are controlled by a servomechanism and can be found via a touch panel. When the machine is able to retrieve both the tube size and the required process parameters, it can proceed virtually independently.

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