Temperature-Controlled Fan for Applications in High Heats

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Sfera Labs's Strato Pi & Iono Pi modules will have extended temperature range for better thermal management.

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Sfera Labs's Strato Pi & Iono Pi Modules
Sfera Labs's Strato Pi & Iono Pi Modules

Sfera Labs has equipped its Raspberry Pi Model B DIN-rail modules with internal active cooling to ensure even greater operation reliability. The company’s Strato Pi Fan is a high-performance temperature-controlled fan with compact dimensions and a low profile and will also be available as an optional extra on these modules. This will allow their deployment on applications where elevated temperature levels are to be coped with.

Installation and Mounting

It can be factory installed into all of the following modules prior to shipping - Strato Pi Base, StratoPi UPS and StratoPi CAN, plus the Iono Pi and the Pi Touch Display units. The fan is mounted directly above the Raspberry Pi CPU to ensure optimal heat dissipation. The fan speed is 9100 RPM and is capable of delivering 4.9 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow. The noise level is only 23.6dBA.

Independence and compatibility  

The embedded temperature sensor and fan controller featured in the Strato Pi Fan mean that it works independently of the Raspberry Pi operating system and the CPU’s own dedicated temperature sensor. This is required, in order to set the temperature thresholds as done via the I2C interface. Additionally, an open source kernel plug-in is available for Raspberry Pi OS to simplify configuration of the fan controller.
Strato Pi Fan can be supplied in combination with the Sfera Labs’ Raspberry Pi Model B DIN-rail modules or as a stand-alone board. Thanks to its slim design and pass-through installation on the GPIO connector, this hardware is mechanically and electrically compatible with many of the third party expansion boards currently on the market. 

Posted on March 2, 2021 - (100 views)
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