Testing Robots

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For impact, tensile and flexure testing of plastics

Test & Measurement

Testing Robots
Testing Robots

For automating material testing of plastics Zwick offers roboTest H robotic system for impact testing and roboTest B for tensile and flexure tests. Both systems feature compact design and can be connected to the company’s existing equipment. They are cost-effective, highly flexible and easy to operate; the specimens are placed in the magazine and the full automatic test begins. If required, they can also be used for manual tests. The roboTest B robotic testing system allows a wide range of plastics to be tested efficiently and with maximum accuracy. The magazine holds up to 20 specimens, which are tested automatically in quick succession (tensile or flexure tests) and the relevant stress and strain characteristic values, including Young’s modulus are determined. The roboTest H system is designed for impact tests on notched or un-notched Charpy or Izod specimens. Magazine capacity is also 20 specimens, with optional tempering. Eliminating operator influence delivers highly reproducible test results. The entire test sequence is reported via the software and the test results are transferred to a database automatically and free from error.

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When it comes to materials testing systems you can trust Zwick to supply you with the latest technology products and support your organisation anywhere in the world.  We help you to stay at the forefront of your business.

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