The Benefits of Standard Components for Solar-power Engineering

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Norelem’s range contributes to a more sustainable, cost effective transition towards alternatively powered vehicles

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The Benefits of Standard Components for Solar-power Engineering
The Benefits of Standard Components for Solar-power Engineering

As the number of electric cars increased in the UK, new issues are arising. With only 25,000 charging points across the country, the existing UK road infrastructure is not adapted for electric vehicles and more charging stations are needed to meet their growing number. Moreover, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are other issues, since the average lifespan for a car battery is eight years or 100,000 miles and the cells are only manufactured in selected countries. 

World Solar Challenge

One possible solution to these issues would be solar-powered cars and norelem actively contributes to the advancement of technology in this field. 
In fact, norelem supported three teams participating in the 2019 World Solar Challenge, a zero-emission race in Australia: Bochum University of Applied Science, Jönköping University and RWTH Aachen. The company donated standard components able to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. This did not only make the cars’ assembly more cost effective but also nurtured young engineers, facilitating knowledge transfers and shrinking the skills gap currently existing in the UK.

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