TI-CMX / TI-CMXDL and TI-CMXDLP thickness gauges

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eliminates coating from thickness measurements

Test & Measurement

TI-CMX / TI-CMXDL and TI-CMXDLP thickness gauges
TI-CMX / TI-CMXDL and TI-CMXDLP thickness gauges

Making precise wall and coating thickness measurements can be fast and easy using the TI-CMX, TI-CMXDL (data-logging) and TI-CMXDLP (data-logging & A-scan) ultrasonic thickness gauges. Not only do the models measure coating and wall thickness quickly and accurately—from only oneside— but they automatically measure and eliminate any coating from wall thickness measurements, allowing users to locate the finest corrosion and pitting—without removing the coating. Four user-selected operating modes are included: Coating On, Coating Off, Thru Coat and Coating Only. All measurements are temperature compensated. An oversized backlit graphic LCD features easy-to-read fonts, graphics and display codes switch show all critical settings. The units add built-in memory with RS-232 output for transferring data to a Printer or PC. It also includes free Datacomm Data Transfer & Analysis Software and an RS-232 cable. Data Files can be user-set for a ''grid type'' structure or a ''sequential'' file.

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