Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN): The Best is yet to Come

You will find here a special series of articles related to Time-sensitive Networking such as a great whitepaper made by John Browett, General Manager from the CLPA and several examples of TSN implementation from organizations.

  • April 4, 2022
  • Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN): The Best is yet to Come
    Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN): The Best is yet to Come

When it comes to time-sensitive networking, exciting times are literally ahead of us. Connected Industries are necessary to support the aims of Industry 4.0. They rely on data and the insights that can be gained from it. In such facilities, it is fundamental to set up seamless interconnectivity from the smallest sensor on the factory floor up to enterprise-level systems and beyond. TSN, supported by gigabit bandwidth, delivers this by enabling convergence, the ability for multiple types of network traffic to share a common network architecture and thus avoid the data ‘silos’ of the past. 

The automation ecosystem is changing in favour of a broad network in which the separation of control and field levels is dissolved. At the same time, real-time-critical and non-critical data must be transmitted in equal measure in such a convergent network without negatively influencing each other. TSN creates the basis for meeting these requirements. However, this is only possible if devices within a network infrastructure are TSN-compatible. Thus, it is also up to the manufacturers to provide their products with TSN functionality. The CC-Link partner organisation CLPA has teamed up with IEN Europe in this 12-page supplement to highlight the options for how this can be achieved.

The links below shed light on the CLPA TSN open development ecosystem and also addresses the development of a TSN product and the ecosystem of vendors available to support this, such as HMS, Intel, Moxa, NXP and Renesas. The full white paper also discusses the growing importance of TSN and why device vendors should be considering adding it to their products. It describes what development methods are available and how TSN functionality can be integrated into existing products. Furthermore, it also contains recommendations for manufacturers of automation components to successfully implement TSN and access key solutions for future-oriented applications.



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