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Industrial Applications

Tough hydraulic lines for grueling quarry work

Quarry conditions – with all the shocks, dust and dampness inherent to them – make major demands on machinery and components. Hydraulic lines to stand the test in the grueling day-to-day construction site routine

Posted on June 4, 2010 - ( views)

by Web Editor

The HD 900 Termite blast-hole drill from the Mittenwalde, Brandenburg-based BBURG provides a perfect example of how hydraulic lines stand the test in the field.“ A good 200 meters of our hydraulic lines are installed in each of these devices,” says Achim Liecker, industrial sales manager at ContiTech Fluid Technology. “ They control each engine and every cylinder.” Mark Ziehlke, head of engineering at B BURG, finds that using ContiTech products makes both technical and commercial sense. “ Reliability is the uppermost criteria when we choose components for our machines. For material failure always means downtime. And nobody can afford that anymore these days.”

Quarry conditions – with all the shocks, dust and dampness inherent to them – make major demands on machinery and components. Hydraulic lines from ContiTech have long stood the test in the grueling day-to-day construction site routine. Ongoing development ensures that these lines are also up to successfully tackling any new demands that may come along. ContiTech also supplies complex line systems for fuel, oil and other media used in construction machines as well as special tube couplings and components for suction hose applications.

These hydraulic lines also score because of their leakproof quality and flexibility. Equally important for the construction machine maker is getting the best quality at the best price.“ We have to keep our costs down, after all, to remain competitive.” Cost- and quality-cutting suppliers are obviously not an option for MarkZiehlke from B BURG. “ We do business solely with European component suppliers and thus help safeguard jobs in the EU.”

Faster drilling than with other products –that is the goal B BURG realized with the HD900. With its superior drilling performance, low costs per drilling meter, greater ease of use and less complicated servicing and maintenance, the machine also wins hearts because of its absolute sturdiness. Along side impact power, it is likewise important that the borehole be kept clear of residue. This is one of the jobs of that the powerful compressor, likewise equipped with hose lines from ContiTech, must fulfill. Thanks toload-sensing-controlled hydraulics, diesel consumption remains gratifyingly low in the case of this drill, which is powered by a 245HP CAT motor. For years now this manufacturer has also relied on ContiTech lines for its motors. To cover more applications in the near future, B BURG is expanding its product range both upwards and downwards. Continuation of the partnership with ContiTech is not open to debate: “The cooperation has, after all, proven itself all around.”

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