Trade Fair Exhibition goes Virtual with Online Visitor Portal

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Mosca replaces physical presence at the Interpackl trade faire with online-hosted virtual exhibition stand until 25 February 2021.

Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Industry 4.0

Mosca System Virtual Booth
Mosca System Virtual Booth

"With the digital trade fair stand Mosca has created a varied portal that enables visitors to experience our technologies and solutions on a virtual level", says Mosca CEO Timo Mosca. Visitors can move through six thematic spaces and experience detailed views of various high-performance machines. The link to the virtual exhibition can be found on Mosca's website until the 25th of February 2021.

Fully automated end-of-line solutions and maximum flexibility

In the "Machines" section, visitors find themselves in the middle of a fully automated end-of-line scenario featuring hree core components: a Mosca EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 H horizontal strapping machine, a KZV-321 pallet strapping machine and automated guided vehicles from partner company Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH.

In the application, packages stacked on pallets are first horizontally secured at different heights by the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 H. The cardboard edge protectors used here protect product edges and create an initial stack. An automated guided vehicle then transports the pallets of different heights to the KZV-321.

Complete Mosca overview in five additional theme worlds

A Mosca machine with Industry 4.0 capabilities is the main focus in the "Digitalisation" section. This is where an EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6Pro demonstrates how digital features can optimise processes in end-of-line solutions. The Performance Services area, added in autumn 2020 which will be presented in the "Services" section of the virtual trade fair stand.

Mosca's focus on sustainable action is also a priority for the company on other levels. PET strapping, for example, is made from 100% recycled materials. Mosca's sustainability concepts range from recyclable materials and eco-friendly processes, to climate-neutral production operations.

Lastly visitors can learn more about Mosca's specific approaches to strapping solutions in five key industries: corrugated cardboard and paper, mail order and logistics, construction and container, food and beverage, newspaper and graphics. 

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