Transmitter For Signal Towers

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Gathers and transmits machine data

Sensor Technology

Transmitter For Signal Towers
Transmitter For Signal Towers

The AirGRID transmitter element for mounting on already installed Patlite signal towers gathers and transmits status information from many different types of machines. The module, in combination with the analysis software Orbit, significantly facilitates the acquisition and transmission of exact machine data, such as running times, down times and maintenance times, in addition to bottlenecks in production. The only requirement is that the machines in question have to be equipped with signal towers of type LE and LME. The module is simply mounted on the existing signal lights. The system consists of the AirGRID attachment for the signal lights (WDT-6M for LME towers and WDT-5E for LE lights) as well as a mobile USB receiver (WDR-U) and/or a stationary LAN receiver (WDR-LE).

The Orbit analysis software saves the acquired data in CSV format and updates the data as soon as the status changes. Connected to an LED monitor, Orbit facilitates configuration of an Andon board. This visual control system uses self-explanatory icons to visualize the functions and processes of a machine and to display their production status. This gives supervisors a fast overview and keeps them informed about the latest developments. Orbit can also be installed on mobile devices such as iPads, therefore providing access to operating conditions and production data anytime and anywhere.

The entire WD series is a sensor network in conformity with IEEE802.15.4 telecommunication standards. Its 2.4 GHz frequency can be used anywhere in the world. A special router function always automatically selects the best communication route – even if the layout gets changed. In addition, up to 20 AirGRIDs per receiver can be networked with each other.

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