LED Work Light

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LED Work Light
LED Work Light

Enclosed in an aluminum or stainless steel housing, depending on the area of application, Patlite’s 2100 Lux CLK LED work light complies with protection classes IP 67G, IP 68G and IP 69K. The aluminum version is water-, dust- and oil-tight and is therefore ideal for use in rough environments, such as engineering shops and production halls. The version with the stainless steel housing is also water- and dust-tight and resistant to chemicals, which makes it suitable for use in the medical, chemical and food industries. The special design of the light fixture prevents dust from accumulating; water and oil simply slide off the surface. The surface of the light glass, available in tempered or acrylic glass, is also easy to clean. The specially designed micro-array lenses compensate the refraction of light for a constant, uniform light emission over the entire length. The lens design fulfils the safety requirements for non-laser optical radiation in accordance with EN 62471-2 for the photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems. This ensures non-flickering operation without stroboscopic effects and also eliminates the danger of direct damage to the human retina. The emitted light contains neither infrared nor UV radiation. The lamp therefore generates no heat that could damage materials or products. Mounting the work light is achieved by sliding the fixture over the wall fitting. A set screw holds it securely in place. In addition, the company will soon offer an adjustable wall mount, which makes it possible to adjust the light in 10° steps from an angle of 0° to 60°. An extra flat, space-saving mount will also be available. The aluminum version of the LED light bar is available in lengths of 200, 300 and 600 mm. For the 300 and 600 mm versions the company offers a standard cable connector, as well as an M12 plug-in connector or an M12 loop-through connector. In the stainless steel version the new work lights are available in a length of 300 mm with an M12 plug-in connector. All work lights operate reliably in a temperature range from -40 to +60°C.

Posted on July 2, 2012 - (790 views)
Patlite Europe GmbH
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