Two Plane Balancing System

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Two Plane Balancing System
Two Plane Balancing System

Balance Systems introduces its newly developed system for the dynamic balancing of the wheel on the grinding machine that combines a high speed and precision of balancing. In order to house the compensation masses in two planes inside the spindle, with regard to the different architectures of the grinding machine, the balancer may be constituted both by a single body, provided with a cylindrical or ring collector and by two separate bodies, provided with single or double collector. The AE touch sensor, integrated into the balancer, allows to eliminate the air gap, prevent the damage due to collisions and control the dressing cycles. The balancer is managed by the modular and multifunctional electronics model VM25. The adoption of this system to control the process on cylindrical grinding machines between centers with single or double wheel, on gears grinding machines and centerless grinding machines, allows to significantly increase the productivity of these machines and the quality of their production.

Posted on July 2, 2013 - (659 views)
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