Absolute Gauge

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For cylindrical grinding machines

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Absolute Gauge
Absolute Gauge

Balance Systems introduces its newly developed absolute gauge model TopGauge A90 for Pre-In-Post-Process applications on cylindrical grinders. It holds a precision of + - 1 microns on the whole measuring range of 90mm with regular calibration on a single caliber. It can be mounted both frontally on the carriage and brought in the measurement position by a transverse slide, and above the workpiece and brought in measurement position by rotation. Since it automatically adapts quickly to the diameter being worked, with both continuous and interrupted surface, the device allows a high consistent quality of the production, in the machining of both single diameter and multidiameter parts, together with an increase in flexibility and productivity, whatever the size of the batch being processed. The gauge is managed by the modular and multifunctional electronic unit model VM25 that, owing to its easily integration in all machine architectures, allows to optimize the grinding process in relation to the preset measurement thresholds in the current part program.

Posted on July 19, 2013 - (957 views)
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