UV-equipped Disinfection Robots

Functions with safety lasers and sonar

  • UV-equipped Disinfection Robots
    UV-equipped Disinfection Robots

OMRON relies on the cooperation with partners such as ControlTec in Poland, FM Vision and Meridionale Impianti in Italy, Mipelsa in Spain, DoF Robotics in Turkey, and SAS in France, who have installed this UV technology on OMRON's LD mobile robots. The units are used in hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, schools, airports as well as restaurants worldwide to effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria.

The OMRON LD 60/90 autonomous mobile robots are ideal for disinfecting various areas, as unlike traditional AGVs, they navigate by the natural features of the facility and require no expensive facility modification. Safety lasers and sonar allow the robots to detect obstacles in their path and prevent collisions. Multiple mobile robots can operate within a facility as a fleet thanks to OMRON’s fleet management software.

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