Wind generator

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Produces energy even at low wind speeds

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Wind generator
Wind generator

Mounted on top of an aluminum framework by means of a swiveling arm, Teseo’s wind generator with horizontal rotation axis, consisting of a spindle running on ball bearings that supports three aluminum blades and is connected to the shaft of an air compressor. The generated compressed air is carried through pipes to a reservoir at the base of the supporting framework, and then is stored in large pressure vessels. The innovative solution uses clean energy from a renewable source at zero cost. It is based on very simple and cost-effective equipment as well as being independent of wind direction. Thus the system produces energy even at low wind speeds and allows energy to be stored as compressed air in vessels. The whole system, made of aluminum, is 90% recyclable. To further develop the system, the company recently introduced an electronic and pneumatic device that secures the generator in case of excessively strong winds. The system is based on a dynamo that, besides measuring wind speed, also generates electric power. This current feeds an electronic card connected to a pneumatic solenoid valve, which controls a brake that slows down and stops the blades in adverse weather conditions.  An optimized blade profile has also been identified, obtained by extrusion. The new design is ideal to operate the generator even with low-speed winds. It starts running and producing energy at a 4 m/s (Beaufort scale 3, corresponding to a “gentle breeze”, while moderate wind blows at 6/7 m/s). The ideal wind speed for the generator is 10 m/s, Beaufort scale 5, so called “fresh breeze”.

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