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Wireless Data Collector
Wireless Data Collector

The log-EZ wireless data collector from TandD can be used to measure and record temperature and humidity in various places such as laboratories, production facilities, warehouses, office buildings, homes or any location where these parameters are important It is possible to manage data recorded by multiple units that are placed in distant rooms, via one computer. The range of each device is up to 150 ft. and up to 16 loggers can be connected to a single system. By "daisy-chaining" the individual loggers, communication over a considerable distance can be achieved. Wireless communication makes data transmission easy and simple with no need for cables or gathering the units to collect the data. These units have a temperature range of 0 to 50°C (±1°C) and a humidity range of 15 to 90% RH (±6%RH), which are can be viewed on a large and easy to read LCD display. The device records data and can store 1,440 readings. Current readings can be viewed in real-time on a PC, and recorded data can be automatically downloaded and archived for future reference. For setup, the kit includes the RTR-322 Recorder, the RTR-320 USB Transceiver, software and mounting bracket.

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