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Wolfgang Pech, Senior Vice President Deutsche Messe AG and Head of Business Area HANNOVER MESSE
Wolfgang Pech, Senior Vice President Deutsche Messe AG and Head of Business Area HANNOVER MESSE

IEN: Why should professionals make sure they don't miss HANNOVER MESSE 2009?
: They shouldn't miss Hannover Messe because many technology trends, innovations and new products will be showcased. Those can contribute to an improved economic viability of enterprises and optimized processes. A variety of main topics will be presented, from energy and automation, the full range of motion and fluid engineering, to transferable technologies. Especially in economically challenging times it is important to invest in new technologies and to open the dialog. New technologies can offer major market opportunities and allow for diversification into new applications. Even when one industry is weak, at HANNOVER MESSE companies have the opportunity to sell into other industries. Hannover can offer an impulse in areas that weren't considered before.

IEN: HANNOVER MESSE consists of 13 flagship trade fairs. How many exhibitors will present their products and services, and how do these numbers compare to the reference year 2007?
: We can't give exact numbers yet, but more than 6,000 exhibitors will be present on more than 200,000m² exhibition area. The economic crisis is influencing us of course, but generally we have the commiment of the industry, the major part takes the line that presence on the market is important right now. Some reduce their stand area, and some former exhibitors will not be here in 2009. On the other hand, there are first-time exhibitors which want to secure new markets now. For example is diversification into other markets very important for automotive supplier. The industry needs to invest in energy efficient and value adding products, to be able to move into the future succesfully. That makes it so important to be present on the market.
The community stands, for example, which are generally looked after by bigger organisations, offer small and medium sized companies the possibility to participate at HANNOVER MESSE at short notice.

IEN: One of the priorities for our readers is the ‚Factory Automation' area. What is new and interesting here?
: A highlight is the Application Park in hall 17. It demonstrates the cooperation of component and system providers, simulating certain production steps. It shows the potential of the application of relevant automation - robotics, handling, sensors, image processing etc - especially for small and medium sized companies, to optimise processes which are still manually executed.
In the Robotation Academy, visitors can participate in seminars and discuss their own problems in a workshop atmosphere and get expert advice. This gained knowledge enables them to approach exhibitors and ask targeted questions. By bringing together visitors and exhibitors, we want to contribute to the added value.
The Factory Automation fair furthermore comprises e.g. industrial identification, image processing and the topic Wireless.

IEN: In 2009, the biannual 'Motion, Drive & Automation' (MDA) takes place. What will be the important topics here?
: The special exhibit Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) will take up about 1,000m² of the MDA in hall 24. There will be examples of how modern CMS technology allows machines and systems to be monitored remotely, to recognize errors early on and organize timely maintenance.
Closely connected to the Motion, Drive & Automation area is the Energy Efficiency topic, which will take up a wide area.

IEN: What are the highlights of the supporting programme and the special events?
: The central presentation Energy Efficiency in industry and processing in hall 26 offers visitors the possibility to receive information from advisors and see examples from different areas. Furthermore we will publish an 'energy efficiency guide' and offer an energy efficiency bus tour.
The Mobile Robotic and Autonomous System area in hall 22 has only been started in 2008. We are convinced it holds a high market potential. The added value comes from the fact that the industry can utilize these systems flexibly in different production areas, contrary to the big stationary robotic systems. Furthermore these systems are getting more intelligent all the time through modern software, controls, image processing, sensorics, this increases the field of application.
I would also like to point out the area of Laser in Micro Material Machining. The continuing trend towards miniaturization requires ultra precise manufacturing. In hall 6 visitors can machine their own work pieces and experience how laser machining works on their own materials. On the stand ''Laser in the micro material machining'' an exchange with experts will be possible.

IEN: Mr. Pech, thank you for the interview.

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