3-channel NDIR Gas Sensor

Enables simultaneous measurement of NO, SO2 and CO2

  • 3-channel NDIR Gas Sensor
    3-channel NDIR Gas Sensor

As part of smartGAS Mikrosensorik sensor series, the Silarex line symbolizes a synthesis of 20 years of technical expertise in NDIR technology with high-performance optical components in one design. The Silarex is a NDIR based multi gas sensor designed for emission monitoring and analyzing. It helps reduce the design in costs and time substantially, enabling the user to focus on his own instrument design, instead of making several gas sensors and detection principles work together. 

Equipped with the NDIR technology 

This pre-calibrated and ready-to-use sensor features a 3-channel NDIR gas sensor designed for simultaneous measurement of NO, SO2 and CO2. It enables on-board pressure and temperature compensation and the gas measurements are on-board cross compensated.

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