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Gas Sensor
Gas Sensor

Low detection limits and high linearity are the main advantages of the new generation of NDIR gas sensors, which are now introduced by smartGAS Mikrosensorik. The first sensor will be the new silarex fruit sensor for the detection of ethylene in the concentration range of 0 to 2,000 ppm. Typical applications for the sensor can be found in fruit logistic and storage. As a plant hormone ethylene plays an important role in the ripening process of various fruit like apples, bananas or tomato. Bananas for example are harvested green and stored in refrigerated containers for transport. After arriving in Europe the bananas finish the ripening in special storages, where gassing with ethylene takes place. The new silarex fruit sensor opens the possibility to monitor the ethylene concentration very carefully. As the new sensor utilises infrared absorption (NDIR), it works very selective and has a fast response time. Cross sensitivities with other gases are reduced to a minimum. A new pressure compensation and an optimized temperature compensation enhance the linearity and the accuracy compared to the predecessor smartModul.

Posted on February 27, 2013 - (2440 views)
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