5 MP GigE Industrial Cameras

Ideally suited for integration into small handheld devices thanks to their low weight of 53 grams

  • 5 MP GigE Industrial Cameras
    5 MP GigE Industrial Cameras

Teledyne FLIR introduced the latest additions to their Blackfly S GigE camera line: the BFS-PGE-50S4M-C and BFSPGE- 50S4C-C. These 5 MP models fit the use for integration into small handheld devices with their low weight of 53 grams and high pixel density, which is ideal for integrating with compact, less expense lenses. Leveraging Sony’s IMX547 sensor, they provide extremely low-light performance with superior quantum efficiency and very low absolute sensitivity making them suitable for a range of challenging applications from biometrics to scientific research and more.

The new GigE cameras with power over ethernet also take advantage of Teledyne FLIR's Lossless Compression feature, delivering 25% higher frame rate of 30 FPS without compromising on image quality

Among the key features, these lighest weight camera with IMX547 include 5 MP global shutter CMOS. The Lossless Compression enables 25% higher FPS (from 24FPS to 30 FPS @ full resolution). The High QE and low noise yield a low Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (4.4 photon AST). In addition, they provide superior quantum efficiency (68% QE @ 525nm) and excellent low-light performance (2.49 e- read noise). The small pixel size enables less expensive, more compact optics. Last, the high sensitivity (High QE and Low AST) reduces lighting system requirements.

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