High-performance LWIR Thermal Imaging

Equipped with a simple optical interface and common commercial interfaces, integration with the Tau 2 and new Tau 2+ from Teledyne FLIR is seamless.

  • High-performance LWIR Thermal Imaging
    High-performance LWIR Thermal Imaging

The Tau 2 series comprises 40+ variants of the rugged longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera module. Teledyne FLIR has the user covered with high performance and reliable longwave infrared (LWIR) Tau 2 series thermal camera modules. Common interfaces and access to a US-based Technical Services team reduce development risk, development cost, and shorten the time to market. If the user is developing with Tau 2, Teledyne FLIR can help.

LWIR Thermal Camera Integration Made Easy

The Tau 2 and the increased sensitivity Tau 2+ are fitted for integration in demanding applications including UAVs, unmanned applications, handheld imagers, security cameras, maritime cameras, and thermal sights. Integration is seamless with common optical, mechanical, and electrical interfaces and the most lens options available on the market. the user can see what Tau 2 solution is best for the application.

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