Highly Reliable Rugged Lenses

Vibration/shock tested for use in military and space applications

  • Equipment for vibration tests of lenses
    Equipment for vibration tests of lenses

In most military applications, operators demand a much higher level of reliability than most commercial products. Resolve Optics MIL-SPEC lenses are designed to last much longer than standard commercial lenses. The failure rate is also extremely low. Lenses in military products are regularly subjected to vibration. Vibration can be very damaging to a lens during operation. Slight vibration can cause the lens to malfunction, but severe vibration to the structure of the housing can cause damage that may leave the lens beyond repair. A MIL-SPEC lens can be designed to be resistant to the effects of vibration. Shock waves are also very detrimental to the performance and operation of high precision optical products used in military applications. Ruggedisation to prevent focus changes due to shock and vibration can often be achieved by simplification of the lens design and re-enforcement of the optical system mechanics.

The cost of launching optical payloads into space is significant. Therefore, it is critical that only ruggedised lenses or optical systems are incorporated into a satellite or space observation system to ensure long-term, high performance operation. Lenses used in high precision instruments and cameras are subjected to high levels of vibration and shock during the launch process into space. To minimise the effects of vibration and shock, it is advisable to keep space components small and light. Minimisation of the mass of space optics and their secure attachment to an instrument baseplate will also minimise the effects of vibration and shock.

Extensive field tests

Resolve Optics is able to field test ruggedised lenses and optical systems prior to deployment on the battlefield or into space due to investment in state of the art vibration/shock testing equipment. This vibration/shock testing service not only provides the peace of mind that lenses will not fail in the field, but also saves customers significant time and money by eliminating the need to use third party testing services. The company's new MPA101-L215M shaker, coupled with a DTC Venzo 880 controller, is certified and calibrated to ISO standards.