Radiation Hard Lenses in Space

Have been used for satellite UHD video cameras

  • 4K image from a Sen satellite based UHD video camera
    4K image from a Sen satellite based UHD video camera

Video streaming specialists Sen has utilized Resolve Optics’ radiation hard lenses for their satellite-based Ultra-High Definition (UHD) video cameras. Sen’s first set of UHD video cameras has been launched into space in 2019 and successfully demonstrated the great performance of its video streaming platform. Sen’s goal is now to launch its own satellite constellation in order to have full control over its live data stream

The lenses use radiation resistant glass, suitable to meet the harsh demands of the Space environment

Charles Black of Sen said: “It has been great working with Resolve Optics, who took our requirements in terms of optical performance, mass and mounting points and designed lenses that addressed both the mechanical and environmental challenges of our spaceborne application. After the first satellite has launched in 2021 - Sen will be sharing videos of Earth using Resolve’s lenses and we can’t wait to share them. After that, we plan to launch many more satellites and we are confident Resolve will continue to meet our requirements and high standards”.

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