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HP5 2PT Chesham - United Kingdom
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Supplier's articles
Application Optimized UV Lenses
Bespoke Infrared Optics
Need an Optimised Infrared Lens?
Ultra Compact HD Zoom Lens (Z10-HD)
Technology for the Nuclear Industry: Key Criteria of Lens Systems
Custom Ultraviolet Lens Service
6.5 - 65 mm f/1.8 Non-Browning Zoom Lens
Custom UV Zoom Lens
Custom Zoom Lenses
Compact 3-Chip HD Zoom Lens (304)
Motorised Miniature Zoom Lens (207)
Customized Lenses for Multi-Megapixel Cameras and Sensors
346-000: 23mm f/2 Non Browning Motorised Fixed Focus Lens
214-000: 6mm f/2 Non Browning Fixed Focus Lens
313-000: 25mm f/1.4 Non Browning Fixed Focus Lens
286-000: 9mm f/2 Non Browning Fixed Focus Lens
200-000: 8-24mm f/2.8 3:1 Non-Browning Zoom Lens
200-001: 8-24mm f/2.8 3:1 Motorised Non-Browning Zoom Lens
192-000: 12-72mm f/1.8 6:1 Non-Browning Zoom Lens
192-001: 24-144mm f/3.6 6:1 Range Extended Non-Browning Zoom Lens
290-000: 12-72mm f/1.8 6:1 Motorised Non-Browning Zoom Lens
Radiation Resistant Lenses
Lens Adapters
UV Lens for Smart Ballistics System
Specialist Lens System
Wide Angle Adapter for 3-Chip HD Lens
Tracking Zoom Lenses
Lens Innovation Newsletter
Motorized HD Lens
Custom Optical Systems
HD Zoom Lens
Large format camera lenses
Specialist UV Zoom Lens