D-mount F2 Infrared Lenses

Fixed-focus germanium lenses with anti-reflection coatings

  • D-mount F2 Infrared Lenses
    D-mount F2 Infrared Lenses

Resolve Optics, supplier of custom designed high-performance Infrared (IR) lenses for use in thermal imaging, FT-IR spectroscopy, CO2 laser and defense applications, released a range of fixed focus lenses. Drawing upon substrates include germanium, sapphire, silicon or zinc selenide, Resolve Optics IR lenses can be supplied with anti-reflection coatings to optimize performance in different parts of the infrared waveband to best suit the user application.

High throughput, compactness and robustness

Among its IR Lenses, the Model 320 range of fixed focus germanium lenses include antireflective coatings to provide high performance (f2) throughout the IR waveband (8-14 microns). Ideal for commercial thermal imaging applications, they are provided in a choice of 40, 80 or 120mm focal lengths.

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