Application Optimized Machine Vision Lenses

For vision applications including parts recognition, precise component placement, automated alignment and placement and automated inspection of manufactured components.

  • Application Optimized Machine Vision Lenses
    Application Optimized Machine Vision Lenses

Machine vision is a rapidly evolving sector of the photonics industry. With new high-resolution cameras and sensors appearing almost weekly, it is becoming increasingly rare to find a standard format device.

Consequently, sourcing a lens optimized for vision application has never been more critical to ensure the quality of the final image and has an impact on factors including speed, measurement accuracy, error-free operation, reproducibility, and downstream analysis reliability. Resolve Optics is positioned as a leading designer and supplier of high performance custom machine vision lenses.

Lens performance optimization

Managing Director of Resolve Optics, Mark Pontin commented “We are uniquely placed to design and develop custom optical lenses for all vision applications no matter what the format or required resolution. When developing a new custom vision lens, we take the demands of your application into account from the very beginning. We can optimize lens performance for a certain working distance, over a specific waveband and design a lens to camera mount to exactly meet your requirements. Resolve Optics has also worked with customers to produce specialist machine vision lenses that provide wide fields of view with little or no distortion and compact lens designs where the target application is space limited. Our vision lenses can also be athermalized and ruggedised to withstand the harshest environments. To ensure security of supply, Resolve Optics will guarantee that your vision lenses will be available for as long as they are required”.

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