Heat-resistant Specialist Optical Systems

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Suitable for temperature applications, they can operate up to 950°C

Vision & Identification

Heat-resistant Specialist Optical Systems
Heat-resistant Specialist Optical Systems
Heat-resistant Specialist Optical Systems
Heat-resistant Specialist Optical Systems

Resolve Optics can now design and manufacture specialist optical systems that are able to effectively operate up to 950°C without the need for additional cooling equipment. Thanks to Resolve Optics’ expertise, it has been made possible to undertake applications comprising optical inspection inside an engine or operating furnace as well as non-invasive monitoring of high temperature processes including incineration, recycling, smelting and chemical manufacturing.

Performance maintained at the application operating temperature

To avoid an optical system going out of focus as it reaches operating temperatures, the user must take careful consideration of the rate of expansion of components and air spaces. Temperature also affects the refractive index of materials so this needs to be considered as well. To maintain performance over a given temperature range, Resolve Optics designs its high temperature optical systems to be athermal.

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