Optimized Lenses for Camera Sensors

Improve the image quality for different format camera sensors

  • Optimized Lenses for Camera Sensors
    Optimized Lenses for Camera Sensors

The optimized lenses from Resolve Optics match the camera sensors with sizes from 1/4-inch to 1-inch. The lenses chosen to be integrated play a pivotal role in determining the camera performance. A lower resolution lens will reduce the achievable image quality from a high megapixel camera sensor. Non-optimized lenses can alter the camera performance due to limiting the field of view (FOV), increase image distortion or vignette light impacting the camera sensor. 

Custom and specialist lens design

An optimized and custom lens designed to match the camera sensor will optimize its potential and give the user an edge over competitive cameras using non-optimized optics. In addition, some sensors can match large format lenses (>1.5-inch) for specialist application. These specialist lenses for close-up imaging can deliver a large depth of field, low distortion edge to edge, application-specific F-number and great contrast.

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