Rugged and Compact HD Lens for Aviation Applications

Optimized for use in H-head-up D-display (HUD) systems

  • Rugged and Compact HD Lens for Aviation Applications
    Rugged and Compact HD Lens for Aviation Applications

Lenses for today’s HUD system are more likely to be used to capture images of the pilots view out of the cockpit with the symbology over laid on the final image as opposed to the lens looking through the combiner and capturing the symbology at the same time as the pilot’s view. No matter which technology is used there is still the issue of each aircraft type needing a different field of view (FOV). This has traditionally required a different optical lens design for each aircraft type which can be costly both in terms of optical design costs and qualification of each lens/camera system.

No matter what aircraft needs a HUD system for, the lens will be optimized and can accommodate the correct FOV

Resolve Optics has taken the approach of designing a small compact zoom design that covers the majority of the aircraft that require HUD system recording. The zoom design can be used to set the lens at a desired FOV and locked. This means no matter what aircraft you need a HUD system for you will already have an optimized lens that can accommodate the correct FOV. Resolve Optics HD HUD lens has been designed and tested to withstand the high levels of vibration, shock typically found in aircraft.

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