Intelligent IO-Link Vision Sensor

Multicode Reader for 1D, 2D and texts

  • Intelligent IO-Link Vision Sensor
    Intelligent IO-Link Vision Sensor

The ifm O2I multicode reader is capable of the evaluation of different 1D and 2D codes and texts in a single image. Applications for this new vision sensor are primarily to be found in logistics. The O2I can be used to check the quality of codes and text information or to ensure traceability through-out the entire process. The O2I is equipped with integrated RGBW illumination or use in dark or shaded environments, enabling reliable detection of difficult colour combinations of code, text and background.

Communication via IO-Link

The reader uses the COM3 standard with a speed of 230.4 kbaud for data transmission via IO-Link. In order to improve the transferability of data with a size of more than 32 bytes, the data is automatically divided into several blocks and thus transferred to the controller as quickly as possible. In addition to transmission, IO-Link also simplifies the handling of the O2I multi-code reader. Thanks to a teach button, users can easily set up the sensor. This involves aligning the sensor to the code. The sensor then automatically performs focusing, code type detection and exposure adjustment. The multi-code reader is then ready for use within seconds. Basic configuration is done via a dedicated smartphone app, which can also be used to set triggers or the IP address. The smartphone generates a Data Matrix code. This is held in the O2I's field of view to configure the sensor.

Software Assistant

Even more extensive configuration is possible with the ifm Vision Assistant software. Using various logic functions, the user can program the sequence control within the sensor. This is complemented by intelligent detection: The O2I multi-code reader automatically recognises several differ-ent codes in an image. The codes can then be easily assigned via the Vision Assistant. The user always has an optimum overview thanks to a live image and comprehensive visualisation of the settings.