Robust Small Diffuse Reflection Sensors

For wet areas now also with IO-Link

  • The new O6 WetLine series photoelectric sensor in a stainless steel housing, now also with IO-Link.
    The new O6 WetLine series photoelectric sensor in a stainless steel housing, now also with IO-Link.
  • The new encoder for motion control applications
    The new encoder for motion control applications

The compact photoelectric sensors of the O6 WetLine series are now available from ifm electronic as variant with IO-Link. The particularly resistant stainless steel housing with protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K ensures reliable use even under severe conditions. Moreover the units feature an extremely interference-immune background suppression. Even in the event of steam, smoke and highly reflective environments the automatic sensitivity compensation guarantees reliable function.
The clean round light spot in the operating area ensures a consistent light distribution in the light cone. Scattered light around the light spot is avoided. The compact O6 WetLine is perfectly sealed. The two setting potentiometers are fitted with a double seal. The front pane and the potentiometers are embedded flush to allow residue-free cleaning. These compact powerful units from ifm can also be supplied as through-beam and retro-reflective systems.
The sensors are now also available in variants with IO-Link. Via this interface, the user can set range, sensitivity, light-on / dark-on mode, switching delay or deactivation of the operating elements.

Encoders for motion control
Thanks to extended, intelligent functions the new encoders are flexible for different applications in the field of motion control. Other outstanding features are the display, operating keys, and user-friendly parameter setting and diagnostics via IO-Link.
The encoders are characterized by three operating modes. Firstly, they can be used as incremental encoders. The resolution between 2 and 10,000 pulses / revolution can be freely set.
The units can also be used as counters. The direction of counting (up / down) and the switch points can also be selected.
The third operating mode is used for rotational speed monitoring. The user sets a rotational speed range. The outputs switch when the current value is above or below the limit values. That means that the encoders operate automatically as rotational speed or standstill monitoring systems.
All functions and parameters can be set on the unit via pushbuttons and LED display. During operation the current pulse, count or rotational speed values are displayed according to the set mode. Special feature: The two colours (red / green) show the user at once if the machine is in the acceptable range or if limit values have been exceeded. Furthermore the display can be rotated electronically by 180 degrees which allows flexible installation positions.

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