Sensor for Contour Detection

For inline quality checks

  • ifm PMD Profiler
    ifm PMD Profiler

Designed by ifm, the new PMD Profiler is a sensor for contour detection that is suitable for quality assurance tasks directly within the process. It functions by means of triangulation. It projects a straight laser line on the surface to be measured. The sensor's receiving element (PMD chip) detects the reflection of the laser light. An angular offset between the projection unit and the receiving element enables the contour sensor to detect an object's height profile. 

Easy to install and insensitive to ambient light

The PMD Profiler has a measuring range from 150 mm to 300 mm. The proportions of the recorded height profile are independent from the distance between the sensor and the object. Neither external illumination nor screening against extraneous light is required. Three pushbuttons and the guided menu on the color display can be used to teach in reference objects. Via IO-Link, further information, such as the reject rate and the detected object profiles can be transferred to higher-level systems.

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