Simple & Intelligent Vibration Monitoring

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Also for balance of plant machines

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Simple & Intelligent Vibration Monitoring
Simple & Intelligent Vibration Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is gaining more and more importance in industry. There is constant pressure to reduce production and maintenance costs whilst at the same time uptime has to be increased and quality level assured. For the balance of plant machines, such as motors, fans and pumps, which are often monitored manually or not at all, ifm electronic now has a simple and interesting alternative.

The recently developed unit with the article number VNB001 monitors online the overall vibration condition of machines and plants according to ISO 10816. In addition to vibration it is also possible to connect a further process value such as temperature to monitor and measure machine health. The sensor has an integrated time-stamped history function for both process values for up to 800,000 values. A simple and reliable trending is therefore possible directly on the machine.

The sensor measures the true rms in mm/s or in/s. The measured value and switch point status are indicated in the LED display and critical conditions can be signalled using two switching outputs or one switching output and one analogue output. Alternatively, it is possible to provide the sensor with a voltage supply using an USB-interface. The push-button programming makes the unit simple and fast to set-up. An additional configuration software is not necessary. ifm electronic's new vibration sensor is intelligent and simple to use.

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