Robust Pneumatic Pressure Sensor

Compact design with full graphic TFT display

  • Robust Pneumatic Pressure Sensor
    Robust Pneumatic Pressure Sensor

With the PQ Cube, ifm electronic introduces a new pressure sensor with a wide range of features to the market. At its core is an extremely robust measuring cell that operates reliably at all times, even under adverse environmental conditions. Especially in industrial applications with vacuum grippers, the air is often contaminated with dust. This does not affect the measuring cell any more than compressed air containing oil. The pressure sensor is also suitable for harsh environmental conditions thanks to a housing that meets the IP67 protection rating.  

Another highlight of the PQ Cube is the full graphic TFT display which provides optimum visualisation in the application. Besides the indication of the current value, a colour change clearly indicates whether the pressure at the measuring points has reached the switch point. In an additional info line further information can be displayed, such as switch point values or minimum and maximum values in plain text. Two additional LEDs also signal when the switch points have been reached. The display is very useful for setting up the PQ Cube. During the 3-button set-up of the sensor, the display shows the parameter settings in one of ten available languages. 
Easy installation with very few accessories 

The clever installation concept requires no additional accessories in most installation situations. Cut-outs in the housing allow the sensor to be easily fixed with screws from the rear or side. The process connection for all devices can be done at the rear or bottom and can be easily changed without accessories. On delivery, the process connection at the rear is closed with a set screw. This can be easily removed and screwed into the connection at the bottom. Accessories are only required when the device is installed in a panel or on a DIN rail. The new PQ Cube is available in various versions with pressure ranges from negative pressure to 16 bar. All variants are available with either an M8 or M12 connector; in addition to IO-Link, the outputs are available as either two switching outputs or one switching output and one analogue output. 

Typical applications for the new pressure sensor can be found in mechanical and plant engineering. Examples include the control of vacuum grippers for handling tasks, the monitoring of pneumatic cylinders and general pneumatic applications.