Custom Large Format Lenses

For high resolution cameras and sensors

  • Custom Large Format Lenses
    Custom Large Format Lenses

As a leading developer of custom lenses for high resolution cameras, Resolve Optics delivers new custom large format lenses designed to meet the large image format demands of latest high-end megapixel line-scan and area scan cameras and sensors. These lenses are well fitted to enable the latest generations of cameras and sensors to fulfill their full performance potential. This can lead the way to new application solutions.

Full performance opens new applications

With the large format lenses, Resolve Optics aims to produce OEM quantities of custom lenses with the look, feel and quality equivalent to the professional photographic lenses. The company also engineered diffraction-limited large format lenses with a large depth of field, low distortion edge to edge, application-specific F-number, great contrast and a wide field of view for close-up imaging. 

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