9th European Machine Vision Business Conference

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13th & 14th May, 2011 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

9th European Machine Vision Business Conference
9th European Machine Vision Business Conference

The annual Business Conference of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) will take place on May 13th and 14th, 2011, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The conference unites executives and experts of the machine vision community from around the world and offers ideal networking opportunities. This year a new networking tool will be introduced. After having identified matching company or participants’ profiles the online-tool allows participants to arrange B2B-meetings well in advance. After steady growth in the preceding years, approximately 150 attendees representing some 20 nations are expected to come to Amsterdam. The conference language is English.
The conference programme consists of four different thematic sessions focused on machine vision in Benelux, business trends, machine vision markets and technology trends. The two keynote speakers of the conference will both focus on “future” from different angles. Professor Franz Josef Radermacher, Ulm University, will talk about “Globalisation, sustainability, future – the challenge ahead”. Whereas Dr. Pero Micic, FutureManagementGroup, focuses on future management as part of corporate strategy. Further information on the conference is available at www.emva-conference.net.

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