A Fanless PSU Supporting the Peak Power of 1200W

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An astonishingly high level of efficiency 95%typ

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A Fanless PSU Supporting the Peak Power of 1200W
A Fanless PSU Supporting the Peak Power of 1200W

Nipron’s UZP-600, a brand new PCB type switching power supply, achieved low noise and high efficiency which realizes reduced heat generation based on its improved circuit design.  In spite of its small size, UZP-600 has an output level of 600W continuous / 1200W peak.

In addition to its fanless construction which reduces the risk of sucking in foreign matters, UZP-600 has high lightning surge resistance and an instantaneous power failure backup function with a dedicated optional unit.

  • Ultra-high efficiency of 95% achieved
  • Miniature size of 5 × 9 inches
  • High lightning surge resistance
  • Instantaneous power failure backup supported (with a connection of optional unit)
  • Compliant with medical standard
  • Made in Japan
Posted on March 18, 2019 - (258 views)
1-3-30 Nishinagasu-Cho Amagasaki-Shi
660-0805 Hyogo - Japan
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