A new Multi-technological Approach Based on Integration

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Giorgio Crepaldi, Export Manager of Camozzi, Explains how the company achieves resounding success and receives many approvals from the international market

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

A new Multi-technological Approach Based on Integration
A new Multi-technological Approach Based on Integration

IEN Europe: Italy is renowned in the world for the high quality of its products. The top five Italian industries that are having most success in exports are distinguished by high and cutting-edge technology. Could you tell us what is Camozzi's philosophy regarding state-of-the-art products design?
The continuously evolving technologies impose the component manufacturers to keep pace with these developments. The integration of more technologies imposes new standards and new adaptation needs, sharing and implementing the resulting possibilities. Camozzi has developed the multi-technological approach in the last few years, that integrates pneumatics, electrical actuation and proportional technology, or rather the capability to have these different types of technologies in the same product portfolio, combinable with each other to optimize performance. This is one of the greatest strengths of Camozzi as, for example in the industrial automation sector, each application has different and very specific requirements. Precisely to be able to satisfy all customers of this sector, we have widened our technological offer by creating C_Electrics, the new division that takes care of developing the electrical actuation by proposing solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with related motors and accessory components, combined in configurable portals to grant the utmost flexibility for users.

IEN Europe: What is your most celebrated product range on the international market? How do you explain the reasons of this success?
Camozzi has experience in the world of pneumatics for more than 50 years, in half a century it was possible to develop, in cooperation with the clients, the distinguishing factor of real excellence of the Italian product; the tailor-made product, as in the most famous traditions of Italian tailoring. Especially in the fluid control sector, on which the Camozzi oriented its Know-How, the need to find solutions that perfectly adapt to the different final application needs is ever more present. Fluid control requires expertise and specific realizations which differ in every single application for which highly advanced components are necessary due to the increasing integration between electronic and mechanical technologies. The research and design of new fluid dynamic components is also more and more focused on further miniaturisation whilst retaining the same flow performances. In this extremely complex context, Camozzi achieves resounding success and receives many approvals from the international market.

IEN Europe: The Camozzi Automation Division manufactures pneumatic components and solutions for various industries. How exactly do you obtain the quality of your products?
The direct control of all production phases, enables to achieve high quality standards. The choice of suppliers and technologies used are constantly monitored and implemented. Camozzi counts six production plants, of which the main two are located in Italy providing excellence in terms of quality/performance ratio. Moreover, the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) are applied to the entire Camozzi organization. We are committed to continually improving quality with our customers' expectations being not only met, but preferably exceeded.

IEN Europe: Camozzi's components are designed and developed to meet the requirements of an ever more demanding market looking for innovation and reliability, but also for flexibility and tailor-made solutions. In which modern technologies are you investing today?
Putting all these requirements together is the impossible mission we try to accomplish every day in the development of new solutions for our clients. Today, thanks to new technologies, it is possible to realize prototypes or product studies using 3D Printing. The use of this process enhances the possibility to develop samples both of polymer and of metallic material to reduce sample development times or to verify the final customized solution together with the client according to his requests.

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Camozzi Automation, a division of the Camozzi Group established in 1964, is a global leader in the production of components and systems for industrial automation and applications for the Transportation and the Life Science sectors.


The company is also increasingly involved in the creation of IIOT products and solutions. It works on both the digitalisation of production processes and the creation of smart components for real cyber-physical systems, to enable the integration of mechanical, electronic and digital elements, constantly improving process performance and the management of the data chain.


Camozzi Automation is present worldwide with 1.700 employees, 25 subsidiaries and 7 production sites.

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