Electronic proportional regulator Series MX-PRO

this new Camozzi pressure controller is defined by high exhaust flow, excellent dynamism and precision

  • Electronic proportional regulator Series MX-PRO
    Electronic proportional regulator Series MX-PRO

Series MX-PRO electronic proportional pressure regulator is the result of combining advanced technology of Series K8P electronic proportional micro regulator, with reliability and high performance of Series MX2 modular regulators.

This new regulator ensures high precision in pressure regulation, high flow rate and low consumption. Moreover, it can take the most of Series MX ease of assembly to provide particularly compact Manifolds. The MX2-1/2-RCV204 is a proportional pressure regulator, with command signal from 0 to 10 V DC, which is also available with command from 4...20 mA and with a max outlet pressure of 10 or 3 bar. The K8P regulator adjusts the outlet pressure through the operation of two K8 monostable valves according to the inlet signal and to the retroactivity of the internal pressure sensor. As soon as the outlet pressure reaches the setup value, through the command signal, the K8P regulator, which is preset for the piloting, maintains the reached pressure cutting down electric power consumption at zero. The outlet regulated pressure will remain the same even in case of a supply voltage drop. In case of a dynamic use of the MX-PRO regulator, it is recommended to evalue the exhaust flow diagram. If bigger dynamic needs are required, quick exhaust valves - like Series VSC - can also be used.

Thanks to its modularity with Series MX products, the MX-PRO proportional regulator is suitable for use in several different applications. Series MX-PRO offers the possibility to adjust the pressure easily reducing the air consumption where a high pressure is required or creating different working pressures through the use of a Manifold version within a sole FRL group.