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Precise positioning even with power off

Sensor Technology

Absolute Sensors
Absolute Sensors

Providing precise positioning information even with the power off, the MagLine absolute sensors from Siko do not need horning function. The position values can be read using standard SSI or RS485 interfaces. Profibus, Interbus or CANbus connection options allow up to 31 devices to be connected together. Absolute sensors with different accuracy levels and resolutions are available. For highly dynamic applications in direct drive technology, the MSA111C has an absolute accuracy of ±10µm and comes with an analog real-time channel. Offering an optional AP interface to detect position values in real time, the MSA501 with ±30µm accuracy has up to 10m measuring length. Sensor-semiconductor gap of 1.3mm provides ease of installation. The MSA1000 with up to 163m measuring length boasts ±1mm accuracy. On the other hand, the company’s ASA product line provides practical and cost effective solutions for rotary applications. The small sensor heads provide effective measurement in the rotating area, while the built-in evaluation unit, through its integrated back-up battery, enables processing of the sensor signal, even when the power is off.

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