Absolute Encoder for Drive Technology

Available with IO-Link, MSA213C from Siko provides a resolution of 1 μm and has a reading distance up to 0.8mm

  • MSA213C from Siko has a resolution of 1 μm
    MSA213C from Siko has a resolution of 1 μm

In order to meet requirements for sensors used for position detection in automation and drive technology, Siko has launched MSA213C, a high-resolution absolute encoder. Thanks to its high signal quality and small dimensions, it is ideal for use in handling and assembly automation, machining systems, pick-and-place applications or PCB processing. MSA213C also gives absolute position, with a resolution of 1 μm, at any time without referencing and without requiring a backup battery, and it is ideal for precise position detection and speed measurement in linear direct drives, ensuring precise position detection at all times. Absolute measurement is essential, especially in safety-relevant applications when a change in position has to be reliably detected, even if power is off.

Encoder available with IO-Link

MSA213C is available with many different absolute interfaces, so that it can easily be integrated into the application by the customer. Even in the basic versions with SSI, RS485 and BiSS-C, the sensor is also available with IO-Link and supports protocols from various control unit manufacturers. In addition, an incremental interface is available in parallel as a digital line driver or analogue 1 Vss signal output. This combination provides absolute position information and ensures exact commutation even in dynamic operation. A status LED is included in the housing for installation and operation purposes.

Enconder with a reading distance up to 0.8mm

MSA213C has a small, compact design of the sensor, which allows easy integration into the target system. The large reading distance of up to 0.8 mm and low space requirements ensure the user can integrate the sensor in the geometry and the available installation space of the system. Despite the small size of the sensor, MSA213C has a long measuring range of 16 meters, resulting in a wide variety of possible applications.