Acrylic Polymer Coating

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For a durable, clear coat on tools & similar components

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Acrylic Polymer Coating
Acrylic Polymer Coating

Forming a scuff resistant clear coat finish on all metal surfaces, the CLEARLOK MAX Topcoat water-based blend of acrylic polymers from Birchwood Casey are supplied as a liquid concentrate. They are pH neutral and nonhazardous, and is safe to apply without ventilation. The concentrate is diluted with water, applied to parts by immersion, then dried at 20-55 °C, achieving a nominal film thickness of about 50.8 µm. Once dry to the touch, the parts are ready for assembly or packaging. Full hardness is achieved in about 24 hours. Minimum humidity resistance is 400 hours (ASTM D1748), depending on film thickness. For severe duty applications requiring extra corrosion resistance, the dried CLEARLOK MAX finish can be sealed with DRI TOUCH Rust Inhibitor, to create an even more impervious barrier against humidity and corrosion. Typical applications include all types of hand tools, machine components, power transmission components, pumps, valves and oilfield equipment. What is unique about this finish is its densely packed polymer structure that forms a tightly adherent barrier against corrosion while enhancing the beauty and durability of the surface. With these properties, the finish serves as an ideal topcoat for black oxide or other surface coatings such as phosphates and antique finishes. It can also be applied directly to clean or shot-blasted metal surfaces such are bare steel, aluminum, nickel and zinc plating.

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