Rust Inhibitors & Sealants

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Rust Inhibitors & Sealants
Rust Inhibitors & Sealants

Birchwood Casey offers twelve different aqueous and solvent-based inhibitors and sealants that prevent rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces. A handy corrosion resistance comparison chart aids in selecting the proper rust preventative and corrosion inhibiting products according to needs for protection, lubricity, dryness and decorative appeal. Eight solvent-based products offer up to 120h salt spray protection. Depending on the rust inhibitor selected, the user can achieve protective coatings with either a slightly oily water-displacing film, or a dry-to-touch, non-oily sealant, or a soft-waxy, self-healing film. Two of the products are also available in high flash point, low-VOC versions for areas with sensitive air quality requirements. Four water-based products provide a wide range of protection levels and surface appearance. They include a water-dilutable oil, a satin-gloss acrylic wax, a high-gloss urethane polymer sealant, and a high-gloss acrylic polymer emulsion. These aqueous products have minimal VOC content and no flash point.

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