Active Harmonic Filter for Energy Quality Issues

Eliminates the work losses and production inefficiencies caused by energy quality

  • Active Harmonic Filter for Energy Quality Issues
    Active Harmonic Filter for Energy Quality Issues
  • Active Harmonic Filter for Energy Quality Issues
    Active Harmonic Filter for Energy Quality Issues

Being the leader in low voltage transformer and reactor industry in Turkey in terms of production capacity, number of employees, and export ratio, Elektra Electronik starts producing the first and single active harmonic filters of Turkey under the DynamiX brand. This product eliminates the energy quality issues originated from harmonics and high neutral grounding voltage, which means electrical pollution, in the factories as well as commercial facilities. Targeting at eliminating the work losses and production inefficiencies, Elektra Elektronik is positioned with the DynamiX as one of the companies which produce the highest performing active harmonic filters in the world.

Benefiting from a long-rooted past track of 40 years in transformer production and energy quality, the company offers a solution packed with high added value to the firms suffering from energy quality problems. Elektra Elektronik proves once more that it is one of the limited number of Turkish electronics industry that carries out R&D in real terms thanks to DynamiX active harmonic filter tested by the accredited test bodies, verifying the conformity with international standards.

Having a more dynamic structure than system technology with conventional analogue processor, DynamiX active harmonic filter stands out with higher speeds, more advanced and state-of-the-art technology, and its dynamic structure thanks to its processor. DynamiX active harmonic filter plays a critical role in terms of energy quality in the iron steel, maritime, health, textile, automatic and banking industries for which safe and stabile electricity system is of a paramount requirement. Product prevents failures caused by harmonics, or electrical pollution, mitigating the risk of a facility coming to a complete halt, facilitating the machineries have a longer life cycle.

Solution to the production line halts in the factories 

To use electric energy efficiently in the manufacturing and service industry, it is necessary to minimize the reactive power which unnecessarily overloads energy transmission lines and network, and increases the losses. DynamiX active harmonic filter lifts a great burden off from businesses in this respect. The national resources lost due to the reactive energy continuously drawn, not consumed, re-fed to the production facility returns to the company as a high-cost reactive power fine. Enabling to avoid these fines with DynamiX active harmonic filter, Elektra Elektronik also mitigates wasted national resources. Also prolonging the life cycle of the devices by enabling electronic devices of the factories accurately and fully performing, DynamiX active harmonic filter eliminates major problems such as lost production due to the production line halt in the industry.  

Prevents fire risks caused by device heats 

Energy loss and heating occurs as result of rising current while drawing reactive power from the network in the businesses. DynamiX active harmonic filter by Elektra Elektronik contributes in mitigation of the fire risks caused by device heats and, therefore, loss of lives and properties.  

Produced using the state-of-art equipment and technologies, these filters consume lower energy than its counterparts. Also, they improve the quality of the energy, making the energy quality of the businesses sustainable and continuous. Easy-to scale thanks to its modular structure, product regulates the imbalances of current in the system, eliminating the current of neutral line. 

DynamiX active harmonic filter mitigates the current and voltage pollutions in the maritime industry

Used in many areas which are heavily influenced by variable energy loads, and facilitating continuous and safe electricity by eliminating the current and voltage pollution, DynamiX active harmonic filter is also a top choice in the maritime industry thanks to its high performance. Harmonics which must be at low levels as required by the vessel standards, creates high voltage in the vessels which are driven by the generator. Because of this high voltage, vessel cabling suffers from vibrations, heating up to the dangerous levels, and vessel electrical systems suffer from effects such as resonance. It is of vital importance to clear off these high voltage loads which may cause melt vessel cabling, short-circuits and fire risk. Coming into play at this point, product offers high filtration performance to lower the harmonic current loads. 

Preventing high voltage in the vessels and shipyards, Elektra Elektronik DynamiX active harmonic filter stands out thanks to its much more compact footprint and much light weight than passive filters. Offering a low-cost, high performing experience, these filters are a matter of choice all around the world in the maritime industry as the most effective way of lowering the current harmonics down.

Ensures continuity of manufacturing in textile industry

In case of head failure of the textile machineries, DynamiX active harmonic filter minimizes the failures, preventing production halts, and ensuring seamless manufacturing. Much-needed in all industries which heavily make use of motor drivers, the product is a top choice of the facilities heavily equipped with devices generating harmonics intensively.

Targets at exporting DynamiX to 60 countries in 6 continents

Initially started to export the DynamiX active harmonic filter, as the top choice of manufacturers in Turkey, to Germany and Poland, Elektra Elektronik targets at exporting this product to 60 countries in 6 continents in the period to come, just like the reactor product range.

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