How to Rightly Select Your Reactor

Elektra Elektronik points out the emergence of a new market as electric vehicle and charging systems have gained a momentum

  • How to Rightly Select Your Reactor
    How to Rightly Select Your Reactor
  • Elektra Elektronik R&D Transformer Manager Ender Kasım
    Elektra Elektronik R&D Transformer Manager Ender Kasım

As a condenser providing reactance to a circuit, a coil providing low resistance and high inductance, reactors are used in many industries and applications for different purposes. As protecting condensers and filtering out harmonics in the energy quality area, reactors protect the motor drivers and motors in the industry. Besides, it is possible to enable protection against adverse effects of long transmission lines by using certain types of reactors. Noting that, in regard with the selection of a reactor, thermal performance is of paramount importance and shall have the highest magnetic saturation points as possible. Elektra Elektronik R&D Transformer Manager Ender Kasım explains that unless a suitable reactor is selected, there will be condenser and reactor incompatibility at the compensation panel. As a result, reactor power compensation cannot be done properly. Evaluating the reactor industry in Turkey, Mr. Kasım points out that the rising trend of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging systems has created a new market for reactors.

Like in inductance coils used for many purposes in a vast range of applications from energy quality to the industry and production areas, reactors also protect sensitive devices against harmonics particularly in the areas exposed to high network pollution. Currently, reactors are observed to be in a rising trend in the developing countries. In particular, rising trend in the electric vehicles and charging systems has created a new market both in the world as well as in Turkey.


Eliminating harmonics originated problems 

Indicating that the equipment used in the mining, metal, smelting furnaces and textile factories with high level of network pollution are prone to increase the harmonics which mean the electric pollution, Ender Kasım continues: "In these industries, there are excessive loads which produce harmonics. If proper measurements are made and right reactors are used, harmonics will be reduced below the harmless levels as prescribed by international standards (IEEE-519). Thus, it becomes possible to eliminate the problems caused by harmonics. Our purpose is to achieve levels that meet and even surpass these standards in the facilities. When these standards are met or surpassed in the facilities, the likelihood of occurrence of untimely downtimes, increasing productivity, and improving the power quality and the voltage and current wave form. As a result, total power quality reaches up to optimum level".  


Mind the thermal performance and magnetic saturation point

While selecting a reactor suiting to project and application area, thermal performance is crucial and magnetic saturation point must be as high as possible. Mr. Kasım adds: "Reactors used in the energy quality applications are the reactors that run continuously under full load. Thermal performance of these devices are of paramount importance. As they run continuously, selecting the lower levels of losses pays off itself in the long term. Furthermore, magnetic saturation points of reactors must be high as much as possible. Since loads and load characteristics vary from one facility to the other, the percent value of the harmonic changes too. These harmonics need to be measured and analyzed, according to which a reactor with suitable filtration rate must be selected. By this means, optimal solution is ensured thanks to the accurate filtration. Measuring THDV and THDI values of a facility and accordingly applying the reactor also play an important role. Otherwise, resulting incompatibility between condenser and reactor at the compensation panel will cause compensation panel to operate improperly. Therefore, reactive power compensation cannot be performed properly."


Reactors are used in the major projects 

Elektra Elektronik produces harmonic filter, shunt, line and motor driver output reactors. Revealing that they will work on the medium voltage versions of these reactor types in 2021, Mr. Kasım concludes: "Thanks to our unrivalled design capability, and wide field experience, we are able to design the reactor that best suits to our customers, and also produce the reactor in the most optimal manner thanks to our production methods and precision measurement systems. Our harmonic filter reactors used in the compensation systems are our best-seller reactor type. As the technology advances, use of semi-conductors become widespread, which, in turn, increases the need for reactors which provide protection against side effects caused by them, and namely harmonics. Our reactors are used in the hospitals and major projects in Turkey such as Galataport. Harmonic filter reactors make up the highest share of our exports. We expect a sharp rise in driver input-output reactors due to the electric vehicle industry which gain momentum in the years to come."

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