Control, Isolation, Medical, Auto, and Motor Starter Auto Transformers

Elektra Elektronik aims at boosting its global market penetration by virtue of its renovated factory

  • Control, Isolation, Medical, Auto, and Motor Starter Auto Transformers
    Control, Isolation, Medical, Auto, and Motor Starter Auto Transformers

Leader in Turkey's low and medium voltage transformer and reactor industry in terms of production capacity and export share, Elektra Elektronik's transformers are being addressed to a broad range of industries using control, isolation, medical, auto and motor starter auto transformers. The company exports the 50% of its transformers to 60 countries in every parts of the world. Now, Elektra Elektronik is preparing to reinforce its market penetration with a doubled capacity to meet the increasing international demand and market share. Besides, Elektra Elektronik targets at establishing an R&D Center to further streamline the R&D activities..  

Generally used in energy transmission and distribution, Elektra's transformers have five different products ranges such as control, isolation, medical, auto and motor starter auto transformers. Standing out with features such as iron core with high magnetic permeability, optional copper or aluminum winding, lower loss, high efficiency, silent operation, vacuum varnishing for protection against moisture, these transformers comply to the European standards with CE-marking (ISO 9001 Quality Management System). 


Control Transformers

Widely used in electric panels, control transformers have input and output voltages of up to 1000 V, and special windings options such as voltage taps or shield windings. Power ratings of these transformers reach up to 10kVA according to needs of the customer. The electrical connection is done via terminal blocks. Special mounting for DIN rails is available on request. Control transformers ensure high currents needed by relays without significant drop in the output voltage. Called "short-time power", this value must be defined for any control transformer. 


Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformers are designed to be used on three-phase systems where galvanic isolation and voltage step-up or step-down are required. Input and output voltages can vary up to 5000V, and voltage taps or shield windings are available as well. Upon request, a cabin enclosure is available, and power rating of the transformer may vary up to 1600kVA according to the needs. The electrical connection is done via terminal blocks or bars. Any vectoral connection type is available on request. 


Medical Transformers

Transformers used in hospitals and clinics must be designed exclusively to these applications as they feed very sensitive loads. Elektra Elektronik’s medical transformers feature excellent strength against high voltage pulses, level of isolation strength between conductors and protective ground, or sensitivity in preventing potential leakages in windings. Complying to EN-61558-2-15, and produced under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to the European standards, the medical transformers include very lower level of inrush current (<12*In) and idle current (<3%), good voltage regulation (<3%), near-zero residual current, and a special built-in PTC for mid end and heat measurement for measuring the isolation level.


Auto Transformers

Mainly applied to the motor start up, voltage regulation and energy efficiency circuits, auto transformers are used to adjust the voltage level without galvanic isolation. Unlike isolation transformers, their size varies according to voltage values. Input and output voltages can vary up to 3000V. Among request, extra voltage taps or shield windings are available. Power rating of these transformer can vary up to 1600 kVA. For electrical connections, busbars or terminal blocks are used. Available in any connection type to meet any customer demands, these transformers conform to all sub-standards of EN 61558-2-13. 


Motor Starter Auto Transformers

Motor starter transformers are used to limit inrush current at the time of motor starting. Main output voltage tap is 70% rated in comparison with nominal voltage. Thus, half of rated torque cannot be applied on the motor axis. In this case, starting current of motor falls below the nominal current and protection devices are not triggered. After the motor starts and reaches nominal operation, output voltage point is transferred to input voltage point and motor switches into the nominal operation mode. Thus, the transformer is being deactivated for the purpose of cooling down until the next starting moment. Thanks to this operation method, it is possible to design transformers that are much smaller than regular ones.

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