Actuator/Sensor Connectors

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Actuator/Sensor Connectors
Actuator/Sensor Connectors

Belden has extended its Lumberg Automation product range with eight-pole M8 actuator/sensor connectors, which fulfill all requirements for shock and vibration resistance. Offered in two molded cable and in three field-attachable variants, they operate over -25 to +80°C. When screwed together with the appropriate counterparts, the connectors meet IP 67 protection requirements. Owing to the high contact density, up to eight signals can be transmitted with an external power supply, making the actuator/sensor connector suitable for connecting optoelectronic sensors or safety switches of the kind used, for example, for monitoring safety doors on machines and systems. The molded connectors, which can be used to connect sensors or actuators to switch cabinets or distribution boxes, have an open cable end, which ensures a high degree of flexibility in terms of the wiring. The male connector (RSM 8-354/0.3 M) has a snap-in/threaded joint and the female connector (RKMV 8-354/2 M) has a self-locking threaded joint. Both molded bodies are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The cordsets, which are available either in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or halogen-free polyurethane (PUR), have a cross-section of 0.25 mm2 and a length of 2, 5 or 10 meters. Other materials, cross sections and lengths can be supplied on request. The receptacle connector RSMF 8/0.5 M with stranded wires and a solder contact potted with epoxy is attached for example to the front of switch cabinets or other equipment. Conversely, the RSMEDG 8, which is designed for example for installation in sensors, can be simply pressed in and connected by means of a snap-in/threaded joint. An additional plug insert is available with the RSEM 8 for various sensor housings, which already have an M8 thread and/or a snap-in joint. The housings of receptacle connectors are made of nickel-plated brass (RSMF 8/0.5 M and RSMEDG 8) or polyamide (RSEM 8).

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