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Adjuster Plates
Adjuster Plates

No matter how precise the manufacturing and assembly processes, it is almost impossible to prevent minor tolerances when installing technical modules. In the case of rigid systems, like lifting columns and electric cylinders, this can cause distortions and lead to malfunctions, such as irregular movement, increased energy costs or control overload, right through to complete device failure. To offer a solution to this problem, the RK SyncFlex adjuster plates for the high-precision alignment of lifting columns, and an axial adjustment for electric cylinders for the exact parallel installation of at least two cylinders have been introduced by RK Rose + Krieger. A lower and an upper adjuster plate (RK SyncFlex V or H) has been developed for the synchronous movement of lifting columns. They ensure the stress-free set-up of over-determined systems (>1 fixed bearing). The lower adjuster plate serves to compensate the height and to adjust the lifting column around the vertical actuator – i.e., it adjusts the inclination of the column. A small spirit level mounted in the plate facilitates precise alignment. The adjuster plate also offers a simple option for connection to the assembly plate. In the case of synchronous systems, the upper plates compensate any differences in height and inclination. If at least two lifting columns are interconnected and mounted, they compensate possible distortions and absorb any differences in synchronization. With its axial adjustment for electric cylinders, the company offers a solution for all structures that do not have an option for the exact parallel installation of at least two cylinders. It also considerably facilitates the precise alignment of the cylinders to one another. The new adapter permits minor construction tolerances of ± 2 mm and precisely aligns the electric cylinders to one another. Used together with the leveling eye, it also eliminates distortions. Furthermore, shock resistance during commissioning and in the event of collisions is greatly increased.

Posted on November 14, 2011 - (160 views)
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