Advanced Mechanical and Electrical Design Motors

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The reliability of Leroy Somer's drives chosen in Thai retail distribution centre for refrigeration applications

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Advanced Mechanical and Electrical Design Motors
Advanced Mechanical and Electrical Design Motors
Advanced Mechanical and Electrical Design Motors
Advanced Mechanical and Electrical Design Motors

Based in Bangkok and established in 1986, Sirayooth has evolved to become one of Thailand’s leading providers in the design and implementation of refrigeration systems for seafood, fruit, vegetable and poultry cold storage. Besides working in Thailand, Sirayooth also offers its in depth technical services and expertise in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the Maldives.

This particular project centred on a retail distribution centre for Thailand’s largest retail company. The requirement here was for Sirayooth to design, fit and commission a series of ammonia based compressors, in order to keep contents within the facility at optimum temperature levels. Sirayooth utilise ammonia as it’s both very efficient and friendly to the environment.

In refrigeration applications, trouble free operation is a key requirement. If any system components used are of poor quality this would jeopardize the performance of the refrigeration system and ultimately risk products inside the facility being spoilt. This potential cost to the retailer has to be mitigated for, as system failure could potentially cost them a great deal in terms of spoilt produce, stock replacement and lost sales. With this in mind, Sirayooth looked to limit risk by selecting motors for their compressor systems from a manufacturer who has a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability. Indeed, the retailer has a preference for European designed and built motor products.

After a period of technical consultation, Leroy-Somer’s know-how in refrigeration applications proved invaluable, particularly when it came to the final motor selection based on the key specification point of reliability. It was decided that a number of Leroy-Somer IMfinity® 2 motors in the power range of 9 to 250kW were the ideal fit. Leroy-Somer, based in France and part of the Nidec group, has for the best part of a century been supplying motor solutions for a wide range of applications. Within this field it has built up an enviable reputation for quality reliable solutions. What’s more, the industrial refrigeration market is a particular area of expertise.

Featuring an advanced mechanical and electrical design (magnetic core optimisation) IMfinity® has been designed to deliver extreme reliability in all installed applications. Representing a truly global motor solution IMfininity® is able to operate with all the major worldwide voltages and frequencies covering at least 80% of power supplies.

Another key factor in this particular application was the rapid supply of motors for the build, utilising the new Express Availability service. Indeed the whole project including the delivery of motors from Leroy-Somer’s European facility, through installation/commissioning to full operation took just four months.

“Both the pre and post sales support that Leroy-Somer gave us was a clear indication of their knowledge of the refrigeration market and the optimum motor solution for this particular application” stated Mathieu Balay of Sirayooth. “The fact that they were able to offer cost effective technically capable reliable motors means that we have complete confidence that trouble free operation will be assured.” 

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